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This property was listed multiple times. Once we took over this listing we were able to get the client a 

Quick Sale - Cash Offer, As-Is with quick closing 

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This client had 2 properties that was not selling with are marketing we sold both properties within 2 weeks

Quick Sale - Cash Offer, As-Is Condition 

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Canan Al-Mawaz

This Client viewed over 25 properties not being able to find the right home we were able to secure her dream home 

Accepted offer $25,000 below market value 

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Will Simrell

Client Bought a new property contingent on getting there current property sold.

Sold $20,000 Over asking - AS-IS -CASH - within 48 hrs 

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Buyer / Seller / Investor

Derya Yilmaz

Helped Buy and sell multiple properties 

$15,000+ profits 

 35 Juliet Cres.jpg


Nicole Martin

Lots/ Land 

CASH - Full Asking within 48 hrs

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Buyer / Seller

Seller wanted a privet deal. was able to get this seller a full asking price in a timely manor 30unit + 4 Store

Quick Private Sale - Cash Offer Over $900K 

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The Coop Deck 

This Bar On the water was sold with the realestate, Business, and all of the equipment.

Sold CASH - AS-IS - Quick Closing

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Isaiah Colton

Helped Buy,Sell,Flip multiple properties 

$100,000+ in profits 

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