Probate Certified

Real-Estate Broker

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Please Accept our heartfelt condolences for your recent loss. We hope that you 

And your family will find comfort in the memories you hold close,

Although that may seem difficult to absorb right now.


My name is Bugra “Bobby” Gul a Local Real Estate Broker at Gul Realty Inc. I know that this 

Is an especially difficult time for you. You are most likely faced with making decisions as a time when you 

Are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. 


Our team has built a solid relationship with our clients for 10 years and am known for our integrity and dedication to making 

Real estate transactions as seamless as possible We are Probate Certified and are waiting to serve you and all of your needs! 

Probate can be confusing Let us help you —> Click for more information